Collaborations  –  Join me in my attempt to foster meaningful connections. We begin by first being honest about our strengths and weaknesses, Next we combine individual talent with experience and leverage our resources to arrive at the destined platform. Through exercising the value of creative abrasion with a long term view together we will optimize the capacity of both individual teams to  extend beyond our comfort zone.  In turn we stretch our boundaries to endless potential.

*Interested in working with corporate concept, local community concept, art colabs , and designers?

Commissions –  The key to successfully working on a commission is the ability for us to be flexible and communicate . A commission relationship only succeeds when we respond effectively to the other party’s concerns, requests and needs.

*I accept certain request for commission work please submit proposal below.

Projects – I will deliver visionary alchemist art strategies and inspirational art solutions for you. Whether private or pubic sector working with elderly, or kids I am innovative, and diverse enough to get the job done. Not to worry if your project is complex, I have developed over the years an extremely unique network of contemporary artists locally and international from street art to accomplished fine art revolutionaries.

Connect me for collaborations, commissions and projects.