Artist Statement

My work tells the stories, myths, and cosmologies of a diverse Caribbean heritage and the African Diaspora. My work not only honors my Indigenous and African background, but is aimed to expunge the lasting vestiges of colonialism. I focus on the current challenges within the Diaspora and create solutions within my art forms. Originally my intention was, for my art to be one of many tools I used to heal myself and others of the Diaspora. I now see a more global perspective of humanity and how everything is interconnected.

Whether positive or negative things happen, the energy is harvested and used to influence my creation process. My work takes form organically and has no set parameters, but is best described as a trance like state of meditation. I see myself as a conduit through which information is passed.

For my subject matter I bury myself into research often to the point of obsession. I choose my materials based on my mood and what the universe provides. As a result my work is a melange of art styles with strong African and Diaspora influences. My current work, also rooted in genetic memory and automatic writing, begins on a much smaller scale sized to a postcard. I began using postcards for an International Group project and continued creating this work on the local Haitian run Jitney Busses. The busses provided for me a small space of concentrated Diaspora energy that I transformed into works of art “Infinity KA-rds”.

The rebel in me consistently challenges social constructs aimed to put my work into any box. I enjoy giving you a historical perspective of not only the african identity but humanity.